Day 21 Pismo Beach

We had a very long drive today; with a couple of shortish stops it was over six hours to Pismo Beach. It took two hours to drive into and out of Yosemite but the views were worth it. There is a feint grey line in the lower part of the cliff face on the left […]

Day 20 Yosemite

Limited wifi so a short blog today [updated since]. We drove for nearly an hour from our accommodation early yesterday morning on the edge of Yosemite, right to the centre of the National Park. ┬áThe Ranger here on site suggested leaving by 8am to get a reasonable parking space. It was quite quiet when we […]

Day 19 Yosemite

We had a steady five hour drive from Sonoma to Yosemite stopping a few times along the way and once at a crazy town called Copperopolis which apparently found fame and fortune in the 1840s and again in the 1930s for the mining of copper. I guess they didn’t think too hard about the town […]

Day 18 Sonoma

After having dinner yesterday evening we walked around the main square in Sonoma which is very pretty indeed so decided to come back and investigate more today in daylight. We had brunch in a wonderful and aptly titled Sunshine Cafe and found out a little more about the local history of which the town is […]

Day 17 Sonoma

A quiet day today; checked out from San Francisco, waited in a queue of about twenty people that took ninety minutes to process for the hire car. Similar car to last time except a Chevy rather than a Ford. Lots of toys in this one, seat coolers which is a first for me and quite […]

Day 16 San Francisco

Our travel agent had kindly arranged for us to visit Alcatraz this morning. It wasn’t as gruesome as I feared it might be; we had been to Robben Island off Cape Town in 2010 and that was stark and moving. There was an audio tour with personal headphones so in fact the entire boatload of […]

Day 15 San Francisco

We had a lazy start to the day after our early start and long day yesterday and decided to wander to the local Westfield shopping centre and browse. Abbie was the only person to walk away with any goodies having spent some of her pocket money. She felt that she got some bargains and was […]