Three weeks to go

So we think we’ve organised everything… clothes, cases, currency, charges, adaptors, plans, maps and so on.  We’ve decided that we’re also going to hire a car in Prince Edward Island (from now on I’ll abbreviate that to PIE) so that we can get around sensibly.  Just need to book that with the travel agents now. […]

So then, we’re definitely off!

Big day today; travel insurance finally arranged with all the necessary bits and bobs, so took the plunge and called the travel agent and paid the deposit so we are now definitely going. Starting to feel a little more real now! P.S.  Wasn’t any more expensive than pre-BREXIT price despite 15% Sterling devaluation since. I […]

The Planned Trip

Our Journey on a map If you click on the link above you can view the map reproduced below and zoom in and see where we’re going. We have a fairly intense trip planned; some educational time, fun time, time in the car, time on planes, a water park, Universal Studios and so on.  I […]

Those niggly things

I started making lists a long time ago and I tell myself that it’s sensible planning but really it’s my comfort blanket. Planning reassures me that I’m not going to make silly mistakes, from buying maps, internet searches, plotting and timing the driving route, organising passports, currency, credit cards, sim cards, power adaptors etc etc. The […]