Day 21 Pismo Beach

We had a very long drive today; with a couple of shortish stops it was over six hours to Pismo Beach. It took two hours to drive into and out of Yosemite but the views were worth it.

There is a feint grey line in the lower part of the cliff face on the left hand side which is the road that we drove into the Park along (having gone up and over the top of the mountain to start with) before snaking round and coming back on the side we were on to take this picture. It’s all just so big!

There were vast plains to drive across again and we reached a new top temperature today of 106 degrees.  Fiona was driving at this point for the first time on our journey and handled the big car with ease and has asked to drive again.

But to finally come up and over the hills and see the Pacific in front of us was fantastic and worth it. Takes me back to my childhood seeing the Atlantic heading to Cornwall for our summer holidays.

We have a gorgeous suite with lovely views over the pool and beach ahead:

Mrs Owen has been nesting already and made me a coffee (we’ve only been in our room for thirty minutes) and was excited to see a washer/dryer available for our use in the kitchenette

We are here for two days and hope to have some beach time tomorrow and perhaps even rent a dune buggy.

P.S. If anyone is looking at the blog on WordPress, I have updated the last two posts with some photos now that we have proper wifi again.


5 thoughts on “Day 21 Pismo Beach

  1. Regarding your first sighting of the Pacific Ocean… imagine traveling in a covered wagon across this vast continent and finally seeing the ocean. “EUREKA!”

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