Day 19 Yosemite

We had a steady five hour drive from Sonoma to Yosemite stopping a few times along the way and once at a crazy town called Copperopolis which apparently found fame and fortune in the 1840s and again in the 1930s for the mining of copper. I guess they didn’t think too hard about the town name!

It was unusual as it was like a film set with picture perfect properties and a Town Hall that looks just like the one from Back to the Future when Marty McFly drives the DeLorean up Main Street, except no one was about. We stopped in the local cafe for cold drinks…alone!  We also drove through the hottest temperatures we’ve seen yet at 104 degrees.

We had a BBQ this evening and topped it off with homemade “S’mores” which are toasted marshmallows squashed between sweet buscuits and a layer of Hershee milk chocolate which melts with the heat of the marshmallows.  S’mores because the first one will leave you wanting s’more. In fact one was enough for me!

We’re in a sweet little two bedroom log cabin and are going to explore the Yosemite valley tomorrow morning as long as we get up early enough. It should be fun!


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