Day 18 Sonoma

After having dinner yesterday evening we walked around the main square in Sonoma which is very pretty indeed so decided to come back and investigate more today in daylight. We had brunch in a wonderful and aptly titled Sunshine Cafe and found out a little more about the local history of which the town is very proud. It’s almost humorous (without being rude to the locals) to think that their history started in about 1830 with a local General Vallejo.

Born in Sonoma as a Spanish subject, he fought Indians as a Mexican officer, formed alliances with northern tribes, became the region’s most powerful rancher and was imprisoned by American pioneers, helped craft the state’s constitution, served as a senator and elder statesman, and died a proud American.

Apparently he was never seen outside without his hat, something missing from the statue. It is customary therefore to place your hat on his head; a tradition Ben was happy to continue:

We spent the afternoon by the pool

And ate locally this evening:

Tomorrow we head further inland and back into the countryside with a four hour drive to Yosemite.


2 thoughts on “Day 18 Sonoma

  1. You are bringing back memories for us. We took our baby Abigail camping in beautiful Yosemite when we lived in Mountain View, CA. Enjoy. What a wonderful trip you are having – full of contrasts!


  2. Love your blog, looks so amazing and you all look so happy and relaxed. Looking forward to seeing what you put on next, enjoy stay safe.👍👍👍👍👍


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