Day 15 San Francisco

We had a lazy start to the day after our early start and long day yesterday and decided to wander to the local Westfield shopping centre and browse. Abbie was the only person to walk away with any goodies having spent some of her pocket money. She felt that she got some bargains and was very pleased with that.

I had long harboured the wish to go back to a baseball game (last time in 1986 in Atlanta) and had spotted early in our planning for this holiday that the Giants stadium was central and about 25 walk from our hotel. Tickets were booked this afternoon and off we went.

We all had a great evening and tried to cheer at the right times even though the Giants lost 5:2 to the visiting Chicago Cubs. ย The whole event was so very family friendly and even the fans were all well behaved.

Someone had warned us that it could get chilly beside the bay and we were glad of our fleeces. Ben made a lady friend and she shared a warm blanket with him for his knees as the game went on. She was almost certainly in her late late 70s the little charmer! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We had good seats about ten rows back from the edge and Ben tried several time to be in the right place to catch the ball if it went out of play near us. Sadly he wasn’t successful.

Tomorrow is our last day in SanFran and we still have several things to do and see.


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