Day 14 San Francisco

It was an early start. The Valet parker at the hotel had forewarned us that a Sunday morning checkout was busy at the hotel, to collect the car, rental drop-off and at the airport check in. His ruse worked as we got up very early. There was no queue at check out, we collected the car in minutes at just after 6am and had dropped it off well before 7am and were through check in and having breakfast at the departure gate before 8am; our flight was 09:50!!  Never mind, better to be early than late.

We arrived in SanFran on time and caught the BART train to the centre of town and emerged in the throng of Sunday lunchtime bustle. Our room wasn’t ready but we left our cases at the hotel, headed for the Tourist office and then on the tram for Fishermans Wharf. However, as quaint as the old trams are, they are also very popular and we had to let about six or seven go past us before we got to the front of the queue and made it on.

They are a lot of fun and it’s all theatrical with old fashioned levers and gears as you joggle up and down the hills and over the points. We arrived in Fishermans Wharf and had the hazy view of the Bridge that all the guide books warn you about.

We decided to fill our time using the City Pass vouchers we’d arranged and visited the Acquarium once we’d seen the basking sea lions who have fun wrestling each other for prime spots on the little jetties:

Pier 39 was as popular (and congested) as the guide books suggested it would be but was a good place to sit down and have a drink mid-afternoon:

We are here for two more days before we head off again.


One thought on “Day 14 San Francisco

  1. Goodness!! You packed so much into that first day there!! Xxxxxx have fun and sending lots of love xxxxx we also visited the tram ‘garage’ where they carry out maintenance: fascinating for Michael and Ben…..


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