Day 13 Las Vegas

We decided today would be a lazy exploring day. I woke up early but then slept on until after 9am which I haven’t done for a very long time. After a tasty brunch we set off for the far end of the Strip to Luxor and planned to then make our way back via New York, New York and the Bellaggio.

It was a really very hot day – well into the 90s/mid-30s and what should have been a 45 minute walk to the far end turned out to be 90 minutes and very draining.

It really is another world and I think we all agreed we are more country folk than townies, although I would not have missed this for anything.

Luxor was slightly eerie with the rooms inside the pyramid

New York, New York (with its roller coaster) was as brash as you’d expect and we called into Cosmopolitan simply to stay out of the sun and that was very sparkly:

We then walked to the Bellaggio which is very grand indeed with its beautiful gardens:

Tomorrow we have a very early start, probably leaving the hotel around 06:30 for a flight to San Francisco but the good news is that we shall be there before lunchtime rather than a very long drive. Something a bit closer to normality from there I think!

We still have more than two weeks to go which is an exciting prospect.


2 thoughts on “Day 13 Las Vegas

  1. Strange adverts at the bottom of your blog…but loving it as Soryann won’t go back to America. Traumatic transition when he was refugeed…..2or three days in New York while Red Cross and UN decided what to do……police with guns and he was a 17 yr old with long hair and hippy jeans…I still can’t get the only picture from his sister…but one day I will!

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    1. Can’t see the adverts Colette and hope they’re not inappropriate. Price of a free site I guess! Sorry to hear about Soryann’s experience. My first trip as a sixteen year old I remember seeing guns as soon as I walked off the plane but I wasn’t under any danger. GB


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