Day 12 Las Vegas

Where to start?  A two and a half hour drive through the mountains and Nevada desert plains to Las Vegas. It’s funny, everything you read about it suddenly popping up out of nowhere is true. The natural beauty of the landscape suddenly gives way to brash, high rise glitzy hotels which transform yet again when the sun goes down.

We had to wait at our hotel for our room but we knew that we were early so took the opportunity to have some lunch. As 3pm approached I was waiting for the call on my mobile to say our room was available. By 3:30 (we’d arrived over two hours before) I was getting rather keen to get on our room so rejoined to queue for check in to get an update.

I assumed it wasn’t great news when after a one-sided conversation the lady on the desk disappeared and was replaced by a other with a badge bearing the word Manager. She explained that as we had booked a “hospitality suite” it takes longer to clean. My response: if we have paid extra for a bigger room they should have the staff to clean it on time. Hers in reposte was that there was nothing they could do and the room wouldn’t be ready before 5pm.

The Mexican standoff continued and I politely but firmly explained that we had a young family and had driven across three states and this was very disappointing on our first visit. A little more too-ing and fro-ing and eventually she blinked first; we were upgraded to a penthouse suite with a $100 credit to our room account for food and drinks.  Thank you very much Mirage.

We decided to have a mooch and crossed the road to the Venetian which is everything we’d read about.

The first picture is outside and the second is on the second floor of the hotel!

We stopped for a quick drink in an ice bar inside the hotel, donned regulation puffa jackets and gloves and sat on ice chairs drinking from ice glasses in minus 5 degree temperatures. Weird!

We wandered up to the Paris and had dinner:

Crossed the road to the Bellagio and watched the fountain display:

We waked back to the Mirage for the Volcano display at 9pm but really 10pm from the time zone we had left this morning.

Tired we retreat and another day is over except Vegas says goodnight from our window.


4 thoughts on “Day 12 Las Vegas

  1. How amazing, the photos are stunning, can we have some photos of the penthouse suite, lucky you. Not so lucky having to wait so long for your room. Looking forward to the next blog, keep safe.👍👍👍👍😘😘


  2. Oh My Goodness!!! Only you Mr O could have such a marvellous outcome from a standoff in a hotel – looks amazing. Hope you are able to relax and recharge your batteries a little in amongst all the excitement and challenges. x


  3. Looks like all that playing poker finally paid dividends. I remember Lynda and I getting similar upgrade in Harvey’s Resort Hotel in Lake Tahoe😀


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