Day 10 Bryce Canyon and Zion

We started our day at the hotel near Bryce and set off for the short drive into the Park. It was a warm day so we drank most of our water before we started (then nearly fit to burst) and refilled ready for what was supposed to be a short stroll.

I wasn’t sure what to expect after the Grand Canyon; it’s certainly less dramatic (and smaller) but the coral coloured soldiers guarding its charms are in plentiful supply.

We ended up walking about five miles with a very steep climb at the end zig-zaggig backwards and forwards to the summit. It was certainly heavy going for the oldies but at least the children are now of an age when they can make their own way up at their pace!!

This was one weary fellow having walked from the tiny gap below my shoulder to the top.

We then had a two hour drive to our next stop in Zion with different view yet again.

While it has rained this afternoon the water flowing down the smooth but almost grated mountains was spectacular.

We’re here for two nights so hope to explore more of what Zion has to offer tomorrow.


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