Day 9 Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon

The Owens got themselves in gear and after breakfast at the onsite restaurant we set off just after 10am for Bryce Canyon and what was the longest single driven journey so far.

We left valleys that resembled a moonscape for ones that looks more like Mars’ red rock and vast plains and then over wooded mountains. The temperature varied between 75-101 degrees and at times we were over 8000ft as we crossed the mountains.

The views back from some were spectacular.

In the first picture the heat was remarkable. Even the gentle breeze was hot it was 98 degrees I seem to recall. The second was over 7000ft up and slightly cooler and we had driven across the lighter green strip on the upper left hand edge of the picture. A distance that was about 30 miles so vast the area is.

We have arrived at Bryce Canyon which has very pink rock formations with statue like erosions.

A local restaurant has a rodeo show in a couple of hours so we’ll see what that’s like!

We’re here for one day and then off to Zion National Park tomorrow afternoon for a couple of days.


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