Day 8 Grand Canyon

I had hoped to be awake in time to watch the sun rise this morning. My body clock was slightly ahead of itself and I woke up at 03:40!  Dozing until just after 5am I tiptoed out hoping I hadn’t woken anyone else up.

Creeping back in at just after seven I was slightly surprised to find Fiona and the children still asleep.
Given that we arrived at sunset last night, today was my first proper view of the Canyon and I have to say that YouTube and Wikipedia don’t quite do it justice. You know it’s a mile deep and about 18 miles across from the north to the south rims but you can’t quite imagine what it’s like until you see it. In fact at over 220 miles long there’s not much of it that you can see…proportionately anyway.

We had arranged a helicopter flight this morning over the Canyon and while I’ve flown in small aircraft several times before, I’ve never been in a helicopter and I was pretty nervous. I needn’t have been; the pilot was reassuring and not a dare-devil stunt pilot. He explained that the flight area was the second most regulated in the US after the airspace over the White House and as a result we skimmed the treetops at 600ft until the Canyon suddenly appeared. I had to hang on to the seat in front at that point but almost hovering above the deepest part of the Canyon was a sight to behold.

Tomorrow we have another five hour/250 mile drive north east to Bryce Canyon.


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