Day 6 PEI/Toronto/Phoenix/Scottsdale

Longest single journey today at around 3,500 miles on two separate flights. With hindsight 90 minutes between them was too tight, especially as we were delayed leaving PEI and therefore late in to Toronto.

I can’t believe the different queues to get through security. We had our fingerprints and photos taken twice and had to print out entry visa forms, queuing every time. Then when we got to the final security gate there must have been over 100 people waiting. At this point we had only 30 minutes before our flight was due to leave.

With 5 minutes to spare one of the ground crew started rounding up those, like us, due on the next flight. We were herded to the front of the queue and met with a surly official who didn’t care at all that we should  be on that flight.

We left his desk about 3 minutes after the flight was suposed to leave only hoping it had been delayed (for us for example).    What we didnt realise was that our gate was about 10-15 minutes walk away. We literally ran the whole way and they closed the gate behind us as we walked in the aircraft. It was too close to be comfortable.

As I write this it’s about 28 degrees outside and nine thirty local time but 01:30 PEI time.

Tomorrow is a five hour drive to the Grand Canyon.


3 thoughts on “Day 6 PEI/Toronto/Phoenix/Scottsdale

  1. Oh dear!! I was very concerned about that transfer particularly as you had to check in luggage again!!!! Don’t set off too early!! Take care my darlings, love you xxxxx


    1. In fact our luggage did transfer straight through but one concern we had was that it made it too. Huge relief that we were on the flight (I apologised to everyone as we walked down the aisle) and that our luggage appeared on the carrousel once we landed.

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  2. Hi mate

    See you have come against imigration controls in North America not nice. But at least you got on the plane. Looks like a nice Mexican but you don’t like anything hot. Looking forward to your next blog. Enjoy the heat.


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