Day 5 PEI

A quiet day befitting our last in PEI before we set off tomorrow for Arizona. We visited the AofGG museum this afternoon crossing the centre third of PEI by car to do so.

We made it back to the hotel for 4pm for a history lesson starting back in 1841 to hear about how  local businessmen and politicians got together and effectively created what went on to become Canada in the hotel in which we are staying and surrounding buildings.  The constitution was actually signed 150 years ago this year and there is much being made of this; kindly many Government events and attractions are free this year as a result.

Even the police are getting in on the spirit of things:

It turns out the hoteliers own 21 properties around the main hotel all with a little bit of history to covey:

This courtyard picture is about half their portfolio of beautiful properties.

So this is the end of Canada and the temperate climate so like the UK and tomorrow the furnace heat of Arizona beckons. We have loved this gentle and restful start to our trip and now two hectic weeks begin!


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