Day 4 PEI

We started with a continental breakfast which was eaten on armchairs and at coffee tables in the lobby of our hotel. Slightly non-British but it worked!

We had decided that today was our island journey primarily to see Anne of Green Gables house just outside Cavendish on the North East coast of the island. We followed the coast road through some lovely rural countryside and stopped at North Rustico Harbour along the way.

Green Gables inc is complete with flame haired actress telling everyone she is Anne Shirley.  While I’ve not see the film I did recognise the house from the DVD cover:

We drove on for a few miles and stumbled upon a mocked up 19th century village called Avonlea (will readers tell me if there is a link with Green Gables please?)

This is the church where L M Montgomery (author of AofGG) had worshipped albeit the building had been moved from its original site to this new location. A sort of genuine fake if you like.

The travels ended having stumbled across Montgomery’s birthplace and then found the museum but it was by then closed!!

Just back at home now so off to eat. I can get used to this dining out every night!



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