Day 3 PEI

The day started with Ben and Michael doing a recce for our last breakfast in Niagara. We found a classic diner and had waffles, muffins and omlettes plus an entire pot of steaming hot coffee. Emerging sated and looking at the morning sun glistening off the falls will stay with us for a very long time.

We travelled by minibus to Toronto airport – a journey that still took two hours (like our inbound trip) but given that it wasn’t raining torrentially this time at least we saw more of Lake Ontario as well as the CN Tower in the far distance.

We arrived at the airport in good time. Our luggage must have been first on the plane as it was last off!!!

We flew Disney (aka Westjet) on some crazy themed plane, collected our first hire car and drove the short distance to our lovely hotel. We are in a very quaint annexe to the main hotel in a wonderful two bed house for the next three days.

The adventure continues.


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