Day 2 Niagara Falls

Awesome is perhaps an overused word in this part of North America but I have to say that it is apt when thinking of the American and Horshoe Falls.

From a distance they are impressive. Underneath they are powerful and behind them they are incredibly noisy. It makes you realise what 100mph+ water is like.

We started the day with the Hornblower boat trip up to the falls followed by a walk behind them and then the “Fury” 4D experience. This was followed by a bus ride down the river to the White Water Walk. One short walk beside category six rapids (considered unnavigable) makes you realise the power of the water.

Tomorrow we head back to Toronto and fly to Prince Edward Island after breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 Niagara Falls

  1. It seems so long ago but I visited Niagara in the early eighties. The power of the water is unbelievable as I watched it from beneath the rocks of the falls.


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