Day 28 Huntington Beach

I said it would be another quiet blog today. How does a whole day at the pool sound?  Chilled is the answer. This is our last supper and tomorrow we pack up and head back returning late afternoon on Tuesday. I’m off until Tuesday after the Bank Holiday which is nice although I suspect it […]

Day 27 Huntington Beach

Short blog today. We woke up embarrisngly late and had missed breakfast. Wandered down to the beach and had brunch and then back to the pool for the afternoon.  Fiona and I escaped for a gin and tonic before our evening meal and then facetimed the children to join us. Ben was very taken with […]

Day 25 Beverly Hills

We spent the late morning and early afternoon on Rodeo Drive and thankfully my credit card stayed firmly in my wallet…until we stopped for lunch that is! Then following a recommendation we visited the Getty Museum about four miles outside the West of Beverly Hills. It’s a huge campus and a stunning building in its […]

Day 24 Los Angeles

After breakfast in Santa Clarita we set off for LA. It was noticeable how much busier and more hectic the driving was as we neared the city. The motorway was up to eight lanes at times so navigating ones way through that turmoil required a keen eye! We started off calling in to Lake Hollywood […]

Day 23 Santa Clarita

We left reasonably early this morning (well early for the Owens anyway) and drove around 140 miles south, in part  down highway 101 with the sparkling Pacific on our right hand side and strange islands connected to the mainland by matchsticks: We drove up and over the Santa Ynez mountains and through low cloud at […]

Day 22 Pismo Beach

We had a quiet morning and after brunch stopped off at a local outlet mall for a mooch (and some real bargains even with the exchange rate the as it is!) and then went south down the coast because Ben and I had booked 90 minutes on a beach buggy this afternoon. Fiona and Abbie […]

Day 21 Pismo Beach

We had a very long drive today; with a couple of shortish stops it was over six hours to Pismo Beach. It took two hours to drive into and out of Yosemite but the views were worth it. There is a feint grey line in the lower part of the cliff face on the left […]

Day 20 Yosemite

Limited wifi so a short blog today [updated since]. We drove for nearly an hour from our accommodation early yesterday morning on the edge of Yosemite, right to the centre of the National Park.  The Ranger here on site suggested leaving by 8am to get a reasonable parking space. It was quite quiet when we […]

Day 19 Yosemite

We had a steady five hour drive from Sonoma to Yosemite stopping a few times along the way and once at a crazy town called Copperopolis which apparently found fame and fortune in the 1840s and again in the 1930s for the mining of copper. I guess they didn’t think too hard about the town […]

Day 18 Sonoma

After having dinner yesterday evening we walked around the main square in Sonoma which is very pretty indeed so decided to come back and investigate more today in daylight. We had brunch in a wonderful and aptly titled Sunshine Cafe and found out a little more about the local history of which the town is […]

Day 17 Sonoma

A quiet day today; checked out from San Francisco, waited in a queue of about twenty people that took ninety minutes to process for the hire car. Similar car to last time except a Chevy rather than a Ford. Lots of toys in this one, seat coolers which is a first for me and quite […]

Day 16 San Francisco

Our travel agent had kindly arranged for us to visit Alcatraz this morning. It wasn’t as gruesome as I feared it might be; we had been to Robben Island off Cape Town in 2010 and that was stark and moving. There was an audio tour with personal headphones so in fact the entire boatload of […]

Day 15 San Francisco

We had a lazy start to the day after our early start and long day yesterday and decided to wander to the local Westfield shopping centre and browse. Abbie was the only person to walk away with any goodies having spent some of her pocket money. She felt that she got some bargains and was […]

Day 14 San Francisco

It was an early start. The Valet parker at the hotel had forewarned us that a Sunday morning checkout was busy at the hotel, to collect the car, rental drop-off and at the airport check in. His ruse worked as we got up very early. There was no queue at check out, we collected the […]

Day 13 Las Vegas

We decided today would be a lazy exploring day. I woke up early but then slept on until after 9am which I haven’t done for a very long time. After a tasty brunch we set off for the far end of the Strip to Luxor and planned to then make our way back via New […]

Day 12 Las Vegas

Where to start?  A two and a half hour drive through the mountains and Nevada desert plains to Las Vegas. It’s funny, everything you read about it suddenly popping up out of nowhere is true. The natural beauty of the landscape suddenly gives way to brash, high rise glitzy hotels which transform yet again when […]

Day 11 Zion

After yesterday’s rain we woke to glorious sunshine with the expectation of temperature in the high 90s. We had decided to do a short walk in the canyon and took the public transport bus several stops and about two miles from where we are staying. The Park Ranger suggested a slightly different route which we […]

Day 10 Bryce Canyon and Zion

We started our day at the hotel near Bryce and set off for the short drive into the Park. It was a warm day so we drank most of our water before we started (then nearly fit to burst) and refilled ready for what was supposed to be a short stroll. I wasn’t sure what […]

Day 9 Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon

The Owens got themselves in gear and after breakfast at the onsite restaurant we set off just after 10am for Bryce Canyon and what was the longest single driven journey so far. We left valleys that resembled a moonscape for ones that looks more like Mars’ red rock and vast plains and then over wooded […]

Day 8 Grand Canyon

I had hoped to be awake in time to watch the sun rise this morning. My body clock was slightly ahead of itself and I woke up at 03:40!  Dozing until just after 5am I tiptoed out hoping I hadn’t woken anyone else up. Creeping back in at just after seven I was slightly surprised […]

Day 7 Scottsdale/Sedona/Grand Canyon

Several people we spoke to said we had to visit Sedona so we changed our plans slightly to see what all the fuss was about. We stumbled across a most incredible town in a valley between red striped rock formations. We viewed from several vantage points and stayed for lunch and didn’t leave until just […]

Day 6 PEI/Toronto/Phoenix/Scottsdale

Longest single journey today at around 3,500 miles on two separate flights. With hindsight 90 minutes between them was too tight, especially as we were delayed leaving PEI and therefore late in to Toronto. I can’t believe the different queues to get through security. We had our fingerprints and photos taken twice and had to […]

Day 5 PEI

A quiet day befitting our last in PEI before we set off tomorrow for Arizona. We visited the AofGG museum this afternoon crossing the centre third of PEI by car to do so. We made it back to the hotel for 4pm for a history lesson starting back in 1841 to hear about how  local […]

Day 4 PEI

We started with a continental breakfast which was eaten on armchairs and at coffee tables in the lobby of our hotel. Slightly non-British but it worked! We had decided that today was our island journey primarily to see Anne of Green Gables house just outside Cavendish on the North East coast of the island. We […]

Day 3 PEI

The day started with Ben and Michael doing a recce for our last breakfast in Niagara. We found a classic diner and had waffles, muffins and omlettes plus an entire pot of steaming hot coffee. Emerging sated and looking at the morning sun glistening off the falls will stay with us for a very long […]

Day 2 Niagara Falls

Awesome is perhaps an overused word in this part of North America but I have to say that it is apt when thinking of the American and Horshoe Falls. From a distance they are impressive. Underneath they are powerful and behind them they are incredibly noisy. It makes you realise what 100mph+ water is like. […]

Day 1

Seems odd to think that I’ve been up for 20 of the last 24 hours; we’re all flagging now but it’s almost 3am UK time and we’ve only just come back from having an evening meal. Falls are spectacular but more of that tomorrow.

Three weeks to go

So we think we’ve organised everything… clothes, cases, currency, charges, adaptors, plans, maps and so on.  We’ve decided that we’re also going to hire a car in Prince Edward Island (from now on I’ll abbreviate that to PEI) so that we can get around sensibly.  Just need to book that with the travel agents now. […]

So then, we’re definitely off!

Big day today; travel insurance finally arranged with all the necessary bits and bobs, so took the plunge and called the travel agent and paid the deposit so we are now definitely going. Starting to feel a little more real now! P.S.  Wasn’t any more expensive than pre-BREXIT price despite 15% Sterling devaluation since. I […]